Ready to Move In Apartments with Occupancy Certificate – Klassik Landmark

Ready to Move In Apartments with Occupancy Certificate - Klassik Landmark

Ready to Move In Apartments with Occupancy Certificate – Klassik Landmark

An exclusive 3 bhk luxury apartment project strategically located between Sarjapur road & Hosur road. Klassik Landmark is a ready to move in apartment project with “Occupancy Certificate” (OC). Located close to the IT corridors, Klassik landmark is tastefully designed with 82% open space with all the lifestyle amenities.

Why should you choose a Project with “Occupancy Certificate”?

Before we discuss on why one should choose the residential projects with “Occupancy Certificate” let us understand about it in detail. Let us know what does it mean, how it is obtained and what are the advantages for a home buyer.

What is Occupancy Certificate?

With respect to Bangalore jurisdiction, the Occupancy Certificate (OC) is a document issued by a statutory authority, such as Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and it gives the applicant or the builder permission to “occupy” the property. It is required for residential projects which have more than five apartments or flats and commercial buildings also have to obtain it before they occupy. OC is not issued for individual flats either it is issued for an entire building, or a part thereof.

Ready to move flats with Occupancy Certificate

In simple words, this means that the builder, on completion of the building, needs to apply to the statutory authority (BBMP/ BDA) for OC. If the building has been built as per the sanctioned plan, and full fills the other legal requirements, the authority is supposed to issue the OC within 30 days. It is illegal for the builder to hand over the flats to the buyers without receiving the OC. It is illegal for the flats to be occupied / rented without the OC.

List of documents required for obtaining occupancy certificate 

  •  Sanctioned plan copy
  • Commencement certificate
  • Area calculation sheet of floor duly signed by the Architect
  • Tax assessment copy with the tax paid receipt
  • Built plan along with elevation, site & sanction plan
  • Completion certificate
  • Structural Engineer Certificate
  • Encroachment Department NOC
  • Road Department NOC
  • Garden Department NOC
  • Fire N.O.C. (If applicable)
  • Drainage N.O.C. (Basement, Lower Ground)
  • Tax N.O.C.
  • Lift NOC (If applicable)
  • Pollution Control Board NOC (If applicable)
  • Solar Energy Installation Certificate
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Certificate (If applicable)
  • Rain Water harvesting Compliance Certificate
  • Water Meter NOC
  • Occupancy Undertaking
  • Indemnity bond for Part Occupancy
  • Photographs of completed building
  • Any other document required for compliance for conditions imposed during commencement or plinth checking certificate

Along with the structure of the building being completed, here are some other requirements for OC to be issued:

  • Project is built as per the sanctioned plan, including the setback, plinth, height & Floor Area Ratio.
  • Any deviations till 5% may be allowed.
  • Clearance from different departments like Fire, Safety, Electrical etc has to be obtained.
  • Amenities like club house, party hall, pools, gardens etc. need to be mentioned in the sanctioned plan.
  • Clearance for Sewage Treatment Plant obtained by the Pollution Control Board.
  • Now days the Rain water harvesting is mandatory and has to be implemented in project.
  • Waste Management area and on-site composting facility.
  • Airports Authority clearance (if applicable).

So, to obtain an occupancy certificate, builder has to follow certain rules & regulations framed by the authority, over and above the builder has to ensure he gives what he has committed in the papers (Sanctioned plan). These are the benefits a buyer gets when he buy an apartment which has obtained the occupancy certificate.

The law states that it is illegal for a building without OC to be occupied.

Below mentioned are the reasons for this.

  • When a project fails to get OC, it means that the building is not as per the sanctioned plan, and the builder has deviated the actual plans with illegal unsanctioned floors, walls, or any other extensions.
  • It also states that the building is not safe to inhabit because of quality of construction, safety of stairs or lifts, electrical safety, fire safety, airline safety, etc. Because the building might have failed to obtain the clearance from the respective departments.
  • The building is not capable of fulfilling its mandatory role in managing its waste management, sewage treatment, water management.
  • The project has exceeded its limit of 5% deviation, so it will be an issue in future.
  • The builder might have failed to obtain the necessary documents related to the project; it can be legal documents, or any other NOC’s from the departments.

Importance of Occupancy Certificate

  • Occupancy certificate (OC) is needed by a purchaser when he/she is legally moving into a flat. Occupying a flat without OC is treated as illegal & owner can be forced to evict the flat in certain cases.
  • Occupancy certificate is not required for the registration of the flat, but it is required when the buyer applies for Khata certificate.
  • Khata Certificate which is linked with the OC plays an important role during resale of the flat or apartment.
  • There are chances of discontinuing the civic facilities like electricity & water to the flats that haven’t obtained the OC.
  • Banks ask for the OC when someone planning to buy a resell flat, so, your buyer can ask you for an OC to make a deal.

In simple words buying a flat with Occupancy certificate (OC) ensures you are free from all the misfortunes or unfortunate’s in your future. We have seen many such issues in recent times authorities demolishing the buildings in the encroachment area, illegal constructions etc. So, you are free from all these issues.


Every one dream’s of having an own home in their lifetime. So, should be careful while choosing the right project, it’s your hard earned money you invest and there is a lot of emotional attachment you build with your home. Instead of taking risks by choosing a wrong one, spend good time to find the right one initially which will save you from all the hurdles in the coming future. Choosing the projects that have obtained the Occupancy Certificate can solve your issue to a maximum extent. So, it’s worth choosing the Apartments with Occupancy Certificate (OC).

Ready to move flats with Occupancy Certificate

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